Monday, August 16, 2010

Notes From Seattle (a la My Dad) #2

Whooooo boy. Today was a day day day day day day. A good one too.

I got up around 830 and got ready to go out into the city. Yesterday I nailed my knee on a fire hydrant and it was allll hurting last night. But it was okay today. So I went out to a neighborhood called Capitol Hill. It was nice.

I had to transfer buses at the U-district. At first when I get to the U-district I started walking for a while looking for my transfer bus, but then I never saw it. So I started walking down all sorts of random streets. Then I asked a few people where the 49 bus came, but no one seemed to know. So I was in the wrong place. Then some girl end up telling me, but it turns out I was right next to it anyways.

So I got on the 49 after about 30 or 40 minutes of being lost in the U-district. I asked the bus driver if his bus would take me to Capitol Hill, and he said yes. So I rode the bus, sitting near the front, no reading, no head phones. Just looking around. Trying to acquaint myself with this new business. Watching the streets, listening to the driver announce the streets. People watching as much as possible without being a weirdo. I think I wasn't exuding my sort of out of place feeling that I felt the other day.

As soon as the bus reached Capitol Hill I just decided to get off the bus and start walking. I walked up Broadway, one of the main streets. Then I saw QFC, Quality Food Company? Asked them if they were hiring, they said go online. So I did that tonight. But then I kept wandering all over the place. I stopped in a coffee shop and gave them my resume. Did it with another coffee shop. Drank a latte at one of them. It was good.

I stopped in a pet store, I'd like to work there so I'm gonna take my application tomorrow. I also stopped in a half priced bookstore. I have a lot of experience with college bookstores, so I'm gonna take an application to the U-district and the Capitol Hill half priced books tomorrow. I also have an application that I need to take to Starbucks, and another related store.

The thing I'm most interested in, excited about, and nervous about is the Elliott Bay Book Company. I went into that store and applied for a job after buying two books from them. It is such a tight store I would love to work there. I don't even know if they are actively hiring. But I am gonna go back and talk to them.

I'm too tired to narrate more. But I'll be heading back to Capitol Hill and the U-district tomorrow to turn in some apps. Booya. Hope something works.

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