Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Social Pupil

What does the pupil of your eye do?

It expands when it wants to take in more light. It contracts when it wants to take in less light.

I wish to be the dilated social eye.
I want to always let you in.
You and your light,
Your words and their mind.

Because the mind, too, dialates and contracts.
It lets in more or less degrees of the other.
Sometimes it readily takes minds in.
But it also reduces minds, minimizes their intake.

If you manage to pay attention
Minds are bright.
Every interaction is like
An optometry appointment.

All the light is painfully clean.
The streets and their numbers
Are novel and nonsensical.
Gas behemoths are a blurry green.

But I am money bound
Using that beep
To take that ride
To encounter another frown.

Another disinterested soul
Trudging through this mess.
Waiting to die
Just like me.

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