Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Thoughts Shock Me

Earlier I had a shower and I was blown away by what I was able to think. I had to stop actively showering and brace myself in the wake of my revelations.

Later tonight a friend told me his thoughts didn't shock him.

I'm happy that I don't identify with that statement.

Because my thoughts shock me.

Hopefully at least once a week.

I am far too outraged to not be shocked.

I make abstract connections, I think through 'big' problems in silly ways and it makes me feel better.

And it always startles me. It freaks me out. It scares me. My mind scares me. I love it.

My writing is magical.

It produces in me emotions that are practically useful in my daily living.

And this issue, the issue of 'magic' is the one I am currently working on tentatively addressing.

You will be seeing a new essay from me soon.

'Nihilism, Magic, and Amusement: Rediscovering Aesthetic-Mystical Experience'.

Something like that.

I rely on precise definitions that come from Collingwood's The Principles Of Art.

I hope that sometimes people just read my essays and hang with me. Because I hope that by the end of the essay things are clearer. Because in the intro, in the title, things are not clear.

My essays are assays. Not confident statements.

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