Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reemergent Rawness

I look at tables
And cackle at my heart.
Thinking myself aware
And sensitive to a fault.

I was wondering about you.
About your look.
Your look for home.
I know you.

And you know me
And how I've been waiting
For this moment
For less time than I'd like to think.

That is the meaning of this.
I am the meaning of this.
This meaning is beyond me
And only within my mind.

A swarming fog that
Refuses to embrace
The one true power
And its proper love.

Believe in the one true power.
Believe in the endless world.
Believe in the eternal.
Believe in your nihilism.

Because word webs aren't enough
For this wild life I live.
I know that I am a liar
And I don't want to change.

I just want to purposefully transform.

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