Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Contact Lenses And My Imagined Self

I've been wearing contact lenses sometimes lately. I'm wearing them right now.

I see better with glasses on. But I still like it.

But I walk in front of the mirror and I'm like 'WHO IS THIS STRANGER IN MY APARTMENT'.

Well it isn't that dramatic.

But I do experience this moment where I don't quite recognize myself.

I imagine myself having glasses. I'm comfortable imagining myself that way.

I just got new glasses, too. I have to reimagine myself.

I have to reconfigure my model of myself.

Modeling. Imagination. Collingwood. Frith. All these people. All these ideas.

This post is nothing to think about.

But the issue of modeling, of imagination, of the self, all of that is to be thought about.

But not right here or right now.

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