Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Pen This Life This Screen This Paper

Oh this red in front of me
Feels like a different one.
A different pace for me
And my different times.

A new moment appears to be here,
A change that cracked something
While I wasn't listening to myself.
Whip crack, all of that.

A trite explosion without direction
An attempt to set out alone
An attempt to enact
Rage without the aftershocks.

Rend this? Rend what?
The usual being rent again
That mirror dance taking me
Somewhere I've never cried before.

Waffling again between
This dull red pad and this
Multi-colored glowing world.
Pull me in again, please.

Leave me alone again, please.
I've been the one asking
For all of this and yet
I've never trusted any of it.

Does this bother you?
It shouldn't.
It isn't anything.

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