Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It feels good to have finished that essay. I feel like it is meandering and I lost certain things I know I wanted to talk about. I know there are certain points I wanted to be clearer. Or certain authors I wanted to reference or certain topics I wanted to touch on. But I don't have the patience to keep going.

It is done. I am done with it.

The conclusion is just as long as the other four sections! Ha! Funny stuff.

It was weird. I had the last two days off. And I was actually able to write the last 16 or so pages in those two days.

So, hey, pretty productive two days off in terms of writing.

Not quite as productive in practical affairs, such as dishes and laundry.

But I've been enjoying myself. Been relaxing.

Been drinking a lot of coffee.


Don't know what to write now.

Maybe I'll return to my analysis of The New Leviathan.

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