Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh! The Naivete! The Youthful Projects!

Naivete is such an interesting word. Much more interesting when pronounced than when written.

I sound like I'm French.

I worry that I am foolishly dividing myself. All of my reading and writing is philosophical.

Yet I tell myself I will go to graduate school for military history. How silly!

Why not continue my research on the aesthetic existence in graduate school? Why not find programs that will accommodate my interests in aesthetics, morality, and politics?

Because that shit is useless! No one cares about philosophy. Let alone philosophy that is attempting to frame political morality in terms of aesthetics!

The aesthetics of political judgement! HA! We laugh at you!

That is just me laughing at myself from another's eyes.

What to do.

I sure don't know.

But I suspect I am naive in my hopes of lauching entirely new lines of research in graduate school.

Or perhaps that is what graduate school is for!

But the question for me is this: How to carry all of my reading and writing on art, culture, and politics into a meaningful study of citizenship and military service in America since 1973?

Perhaps that is the dissertation!

Orit Halpern sure would be helpful. I suspect. I still need to read her stuff.


For now I'm just indulging in my own projects. Doing my own reading and writing. Wandering wherever my inclinations take me.

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