Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Least Blogged Month Of The Year!

This month was pretty good. This year was also quite good.

This month is almost over. This year is just about over.

Hard to believe.

I didn't do a ton of blogging this month. I did some writing in some word documents. Still have like 20 pages of material sitting there unfinished. One is the next portion of AZI. Another is an essay that I've become frustrated with. I have other unfinished essays sitting around, too.

But man, I don't know why I didn't do that much writing this month.

I was busy. Getting ready for Christmas. Working a lot. Hanging out with folks. Trying to be all wtf is up here?

It is tough. Really tough to just keep pushing ahead with the business of thinking and writing.

All kinds of little hang ups.

All kinds of questions like 'What the hell am I writing?'

What am I thinking about?


The Principles Of Art, and other books by Collingwood, no doubt. But what are the issues?

My aunt got be a book by Wendell Berry, Standing By Words. Looks pretty exciting. He talks about the relationship between the collapse of communities and the collapse of language. Seems like a great topic. Seems at the intersection of Collingwood's views on magic and Searle's views on language.


I have very little patience for all this stuff right now. Thinking, writing, whatever. I'll be back to you soon enough. Right now I need to relax and read. Almost done with Manuel DeLanda's A Thousand Years Of Nonlinear History, which is annoying but potentially fruitful.

I also suspect it might be useless. But I know it isn't. I just find it very challenging.

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