Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Essay On Philosophical Method

Collingwood's book An Essay On Philosophical Method is in the mail for me. I'm quite excited. I'm starting to close in on Collingwood's oeuvre. Not really. But I've read six of his books now. He published 12 in his lifetime. I've read five of those and one of the posthumously published ones.

The Essay On Philosophical Method is exciting because it initiated his 'series of books' on history and philosophy. I have no idea about this issue of a series. But while looking at his Autobiography I realized that he had planned a series of books.

What is this series that Collingwood speaks of? He had accumulated knowledge he believed valuable to the public and somehow planned a series of books, which, presumably, would culminate in The Principles Of History (which was never finished).

I really want to get my hands on a copy of what was published as The Principles Of History but which is just a fragment of what it probably would have been. But that book is a bit pricy. It is rare.

I need to get it!

I'll read it eventually.

But I'm super excited to have An Essay On Philosophical Method in the mail. I'll swallow that up when I finish Delanda, perhaps. Or whenever I feel like it.

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