Saturday, October 23, 2010

More 'Poetry' Babble

Sometimes I sit down and I type nonsense. I don't dare call it poetry because I don't care enough and I doubt I'm really expressing anything super worthwhile. But I put the word poetry in quotes because frankly I have poetry on my mind a lot these days.

The days are mostly colorful

They change when I let them

And the only time I let them is when I work ever so hard

The mental mines where I don’t let it eat me

Just a piece of cake left for someone else

Just a series of stones them are meant to melt

I typically work more than I want to

It seems like radar is something that comes and goes

It is something I feel from every direction

Something that doesn’t even feel so much as it totalizes

It taste like it feels like it smells like it sounds like it touches

It feels like collaboration

It feels like mythical gods stocking produce

It feels like husbands and wives respecting their

Newly found roles

Roles that don’t make sense because they never did

But I want it to make sense

I want it to be alright like some kind of magic

Every turn becomes a new step

A new way to think about something

A language of languages

A palette of plates

A plate of palettes

A tasty way to experience reality

Which doesn’t take like it hears smells feels

It only tastes

It only feels

It only smells

It only isn’t

One Two Three Four and

It all goes onward like a song

It is a song

It counts and it writhes and

Perhaps it even expresses

That is what I’m doing here

In this moment on this ‘page’

On this world

In my mind

Expressing because I don’t think I know how too

Feeling dominated and wanting to feel dominated

Not feeling like I rule because I don’t trust that

What would it mean to rule something?

To have dominion over a piece of water?

I slip and slide and I’m always saturated

I’m drowning in it learning to swim in it

I find the notion of domination almost impossible

Janus and divine violence have kept me afraid

Kept me from feeling the power that I’m supposed to feel

It doesn’t need to be a win lose thing

I don’t think that coming and going like some kind of demon

Is very useful for me sitting here at the bottom of myself

I don’t need to be the one telling anyone anything

I only need to be the one who wants to tell myself

How it really is and what I really could be

This emphasis

This talk

This way

Not how I want it

Certainly not

But I accept it

Because that is how I want it

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