Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cold Shower Reflections

I just woke up this morning and I couldn’t get any hot water in this new apartment. Then I couldn’t get any of my burners to turn on. I suspect something has gone wrong with the gas company. I haven’t been in touch with them since I moved in, so I don’t know what they did. Not sure how to contact them, or who the gas company even is. I sent my landlord a text so I’m hoping that she will contact them or something. Who knows what is going on with this.

But I’m trying not to be irritated. Or I’m trying to recognize my irritation and be okay with it. Since I finished “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” I’m very interested in being mindful, just accepting things. Yeah, acceptance.

I think that is they key word. The key thing to do. Accept things as they are. This morning I have to accept that my gas stove isn’t working and my shower isn’t producing any hot water. Even as I wrote that I had to sigh/cringe a little bit, because it is frustrating. I wanted to have a hot shower. I wanted to cook eggs.

But everything changes. And soon enough this will change too. I’ll be able to cook eggs. Perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow. God forbid I can’t cook eggs until next week. Who knows.

But I don’t know. Looks foggy outside today. No clue what is going on. Hmmm. Whatever.

Just writing because I want to be mindful. I want to accept things. But it is frustrating when things like this happen. But whatever.

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