Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Sick With My Illness: Ellicott City Reflections

Today I am watching my parent's dogs in Columbia/Ellicott City. I grew up on the border, so I am sorta in both? Ellicott City mailing address in a Columbia group mailbox.

Anyways, I am sick. My body is mad tired. I'm sitting on my parents bed with three tiny dogs next to me. The other two are hanging out somewhere guarding the house with their little barks.

There is nothing in particular I want to accomplish with this post.

My parents are moving out of this house within the next two or three months. Curious stuff.

I mean I grew up in this house for the most part. Since I was 7 or so? Yup.

Either way it is interesting sitting around hanging out with these little dogs. Noticing how furniture is now in places that it has never been in before. Imagining how this house is going to be shown and how it will look totally unfamiliar to the people thinking about buying it.

It is always fun to imagine familiar things as novel.

And being in my parent's soon to be sold house is a good opportunity to imagine the familiar as novel.

I am going to be moving somewhere myself soon. And my parent's house being sold means I sure as hell aint moving here. Which is all well and good, but it is funny.

Will I be a philosopher? Where am I going to live next? What am I going to do next? What is my deal? Moving, and especially not moving to this house, are the big things. Anyways, I don't want to write this post anymore.

The bottom line is that it is interesting to think about how my parents are selling their house. Interesting to think about living in a world in which I don't have a permanent home of sorts anymore. It is all well and good. But new. Interesting and new.

I'm gonna finish reading Discipline & Punish on the back deck now. Booya.

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