Monday, April 19, 2010

It is only a brief break. And jeez I love The National

I haven't posted in a while. I am busy, as my last blog noted. After Wednesday I will have time and I plan on writing a number of blogs.

My reading is pretty much off the charts these days. Just in terms of making some interesting new connections between some things. In particular I just read a book on neuroplasticity, buddhist philosophy, and quantum mechanics that makes a very compelling statement about the ability of the will and the imagination to rewire neural circuits. The implications for a lot of the things I think about are very large. Tons of justification and support for lots of things.

Then I am reading a book called Reality Hunger and I am about to start Simulating Minds. So things are good.

Also, the new The National cd, High Violet, leaked this morning and I have been listening a ton. It is really good. I had given up on The National in a way. I had low expectations because I had burnt myself out on all their music soooo much. I wasn't expecting them to excite me.

But man this cd is killer so far. I am very excited. Really really digging on it. Nice that they still got it for me.

Many posts to come.

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