Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Graduation, Academic Projects, and all the Business

This will be brief.

I'm done with school now. I finished undergrad in December. Yet there are two strange things going on. I am still living in College Park because I have a lease, and I am still very wrapped up in various academic projects that are connecting me a little bit to the UMDCP campus.

Living in College Park is going well enough. I live with friends and I have friends in the area who I am staying in contact with. More than anything else it just feels like a sort of down time before I do anything else. Move, get a legit job, graduate school, etc. But the real thing is that it sorta keeps me from making any definite plans about the future cause I still feel so localized.

But I feel like I have all sorts of small academic projects that are going on that I feel strange about. I need to finish editing this paper so I can send it off to some journals. I got invited to the UMD undergraduate history journal's conference. Supposed to present a paper that they accepted for their journal. Old paper, gotta check it out. I have about 6 blog titles made with small things written that I could write into bigger stuff. I am about to finish a book called The Mind and The Brain by J.M. Schwartz, and I am close to finishing Simulacra and Simulation by Baudrillard. Then I really need to read this book called Simulating Minds by Alvin Goldman. Just cause it is an elaboration of simulation of mind theory, one of the most recent, and I gotta get in on that.

Then I just got a phone interview for a place called 'Pawlitics.' A holistic pet store in Rockville. I do reiki. I know things about pets. I helped out at my sisters organic pet store once. I could get the job. Bit of a commute.

In short, my reading and writing is going well, but I feel like I have a lot of different projects and things to attend to. And sure, that is nice and probably how it will be in the future. Over and out.

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