Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeah Being Sick Really Sucks

Yeah I didn't go to work for both Monday and Tuesday. What weak sauce! Losing money, making people work harder because I can't be there, lying around all day doing nothing! Super lame!

I think I'm getting better though. My throat hurts a lot less tonight than this morning. That is good. I hope it doesn't get worse. I plan on trying to go to work tomorrow.

I don't think anything really happened today. I glanced at my outline but didn't do anything. I finished reading Brecht's The Good Woman of Setzuan. Interesting to read a play. Interesting to wonder about the underlying themes. The obvious ones are 1. the difficulties of being good in an economic system that encourages exploitation for all angels, 2. issues of gender in the economic system, 3. something else. I'm not really sure. Brecht was a Marxist, so the economic themes are pretty clear. I wonder what Brecht scholars have to say about it.

I'm happy I've read it. I've been reading some of Brecht's theoretical writing, particularly his responses to Georg Lukacs, so its good to see some actual literary writing. Ummm. Yeah.

Not sure if I'm actually reading anything right now. No book is in circulation. Was looking looking at Benjamin essays, looking at Aesthetics And Politics essays. Not sure if I'll pick up a book or if I'll stick with essays. Taking a walk the other day I was convinced I needed to read a book called Conquest Of Violence, which is about Gandhi's non-violent method. That might be a good read. It would certainly push me beyond my normal reading by making me think about Gandhi, but it would also tie in to a lot of my other interests about violence, politics, political change, so on.

One thing I find interesting is a quotation at the beginning of the book where someone claims that what Gandhi did forced people to change as individuals. Political change has to be about changing the way that individual people's minds and bodies work. Interesting that she opens the book with a quotation about the transformation of individuals. Reminds me of Zizek and talking about individuals transforming themselves, or having an aversion to change. Yeah I guess I'll look at that book.

Who knows what's up with anything.


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