Saturday, March 13, 2010

What it is. What it ain't.

So, I am currently in Putnam Valley, NY. My aunt and cousin live up here so I am visiting them. My aunt asked me if I had ever seen my cousin's blog: The answer was no. So I briefly checked it out and dug what my cousin was doing and felt like perhaps I should do that too. At the very least it would be a convenient and savable medium for fast paced internet reflection. Lately I have been lamenting how very long it takes to write in notebooks by hand. I certainly enjoy the challenge of distilling thoughts that way, but I also feel interested in the more rapid expression that typing can offer me. This blog also seems enticing because I have been a little bit fixated on a Flannery O'Connor quote that I read: "I don’t know what I think until I see what I write." Briefly perusing Google, this seems to be a common sentiment. But I really dig her books. So I like hearing it from her.

Anyways, I feel obliged to provide a brief biography given that this is my first post and I am new to the world of blogging. My name is Riley Paterson and I finished undergrad in December. Currently, I taking my time to travel a little bit. I've got aunts on both coasts. So I have been using that as an excuse to visit Seattle and New York. I need to take care of some business and then I want to perhaps travel Europe for myself for about a month or something. Shit man, my plans don't mean anything these days. That's how indefinite things are. But yeah, I'm gonna end up somewhere new and confusing in less than 5 months. Booya.

I imagine that I will use this blog for a few purposes. As I mentioned, one will be rapid expression. So sure sometimes this may resemble a rant more than anything else. Hopefully I will also use this site to discuss the books I am reading and the music that I am digging on. In college I studied history and that was sort of a big thing for me. I dig history a lot, and have an especially strong interest in the philosophy of history. But most of the reading I have been doing since I graduated has been mostly philosophy and cognitive/neuroscience. I imagine I will be posting some of my ideas about my readings.

I fell out of reading novels for the last few months. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm pretty sure it's cause I read The Ark Sakura by Kobo Abe and was underwhelmed by it. Not his best, I've heard. I'll give him another shot. Then I read The Counterlife by Philip Roth. I definitely dug the first 4 chapters but the last one sorta left me wanting. Soooo, I turned to the world of non-fiction for about 2 or 3 months. Last night I read the first half of Sputnick Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami and let me tell you, I feel really good about it. An anonymous narrator struggling with alienation and unrequited love conveying a very interesting story about a sexually desireless girl who writes novels. Snap. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and Norwegian Wood definitely engaged me and left me somewhat satisfied, but I have higher hopes for this one so far.

Perhaps I will also write some stuff about music at times. I dig a lot. Here is a link to my! It might be fun to write little band or album reviews for myself. Lol I wonder if anyone will read this. Probably some people. I'll post the link on my facebook. And maybe I will even put it in my facebook status! IT WOULD BE MY FIRST STATUS EVER!

So, I guess this is it. The beginning of a strange, hopefully enjoyable, and potentially fruitful writing project. Savage Riley. Lol. My next post will be an explanation of the name. I dig noble savagery.

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